💫 10 Positive Affirmations To Get You Through The Day ðŸ’«

Positive affirmations are a great way to boost your mood; to make you feel happier and be more grateful for everything in your life, which raises your vibrational sequence and your frequency with the universe.

This morning, I had a small bout of sadness wash over me with some anxiety; to be honest, we are only human and feeling sad doesn’t remove any of the hard work you have done in your Law of Attraction journey (WE ARE ONLY HUMAN). However, remaining in a negative state (you can actually change it and have control over) can lower your frequency. It’s good to feel the feels but now I’m learning to feel them, acknowledge them and then release them. Thoughts create feelings and my bout of sadness lasted about 10 minutes until I started reading my positive affirmations out loud and rewrote them again. I am prone to anxiety, however, I’m learning to control my emotions by realising that sometimes if not at most times, feelings and anxieties are not facts. Your mind is a mystery and can create stories that are not true!

Consciously, I try to practice my positive affirmations on a daily basis, multiple times a day:

– When I wake up, I am practicing saying ‘Thank You’ and ‘Today is a great day.’
– Once I’ve set myself up for the day, I read aloud my positive affirmations and I write them down in the morning.
– Around lunchtime, I read aloud my affirmations.
– Come the evening, I’m reading my affirmations again before bed.

It’s making me feel better so far and I’d like to share with you my favourite positive affirmations that get me through the day:

✹ I listen to my intuition and I trust my inner guide. ✹

✹ I am brave. I am bold. I am beautiful. ✹

✹I am free of worry and regret ✹

✹ My thoughts become my reality. ✹

✹ I can get through whatever life throws at me. ✹

✹ I can say what is on my mind. ✹

✹ I am worthy and I am deserving of love. ✹

✹ I choose to be happy and to love myself today. ✹

✹ I will not worry about things I cannot control. ✹

✹ I do my best everyday. ✹

Any affirmations that you do on a daily basis, allow it to become a habit and you are rewiring and reprogramming your brain. You see, it is so easy to be negative and as we were born into a world where growing up you were told that things were too expensive, or you can’t have that or this – it creates a thought in your head that you have to struggle to get what you want or you’re not deserving of it. This is not the case & is not the truth!

By reprogramming your brain into a positive state, your wellbeing, your life and especially your mental health will dramatically improve. Don’t forget, it takes 21 days to form a habit, so make a good decision today to better your life in all areas. Take this as a challenge for the next 30 days & watch your life transform – you plant seeds every time you say a positive affirmation.

🔥 Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not happening 🔥

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

✹ I hope these affirmations have helped you. I personally chose these for myself that as I found it reflects me. What are your daily affirmations? Do you practice them? ✹

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