💃 10 Benefits of Belly Dancing 💃

“Your inner belly dancer…is your sensuality, your highest femininity, your great esteemed self made more apparent.”

leandra j kalsy

Everyone has a hobby, whatever you enjoy can be classed as a hobby. My hobby, the love of my life, is belly dancing and I wanted to share with you 10 benefits of belly dancing, and what it can do for you.

Belly Dance, also known as Raqs Sharqi, a beautiful dance that can be dated back to some 6000 years ago, is becoming increasingly popular here in the West and around the world. Those who begin their belly dance journey become very much aware of the benefits that this beautiful, mysterious dance provides, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“You have heard the call of the wild, something beyond your usual horizons is calling you.
Belly dance doesn’t call every woman, so if it knocks on your door I believe it is trying to give you a gift uniquely suitable for you.”

10 benefits of belly dancing:

  1. Helps you in preparation for childbirth – many moves in belly dance are flowy, fluid & repetitive which help to prepare your body. Hip circles & tucking your pelvis are just some of these moves.
  2. Boosts your confidence – like any dance, when you dance, your confidence increases, it automatically makes you feel better about yourself and appreciate your body more.
  3. Tones your whole body – again, repetitive moves of belly dance helps tone your body and a lot of these moves are also classed as an internal massage for your organs. This is one of my favourite reasons to belly dance as I love this idea. For example, the “omi” move is an internal rotation of your pelvis, thus massaging that area of your body.
  4. Weight loss – belly dancing can be slow or fast, it depends on the music your playing or how fast you’re going but you can burn a hell of a lot of calories per hour.
  5. Eases PMS and menstrual pain – another favourite of mine. The internal massage that these moves provides help to soothe the reproductive organs.
  6. Helps release those wonderful endorphins – the chemical that makes you happy 😊
  7. Improves and increases your flexibility – and if combined with yoga! Whoosh! Bendy does it 😆
  8. It’s meditative – the flowy moves & the beautiful music can get you into a meditative state and relieves any stress you may be feeling. It opens your chakras and allows any chakra that needs healing, well to be healed.
  9. Belly Dance is for everyone. It doesn’t matter your size, your race or your gender. Belly dance is inclusive and is for all! It does not discriminate ❤️
  10. It’s low impact and it’s kind to your joints. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I hope you enjoyed this. Do you belly dance or would you consider getting into belly dance? Would love to hear from you 💗

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