🎉 ANNOUNCEMENT: New Business Launch ðŸŽ‰

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well and happy and enjoying this glorious weather, albeit a little too hot for me 😊

If you’ve noticed, I’ve been a bit quiet on here for the past month or so but I have a very good reason as to why this is the case. I’ve only gone and set up my new business which I’m so excited to announce.

My lovely business is an online gift shop called Enchanted Gifts that is based here in the UK. I’m selling beautiful products such as gorgeous homeware, home decor, healing crystals from the mountains of Morocco, sage and smudging sticks and beautiful jewellery. All products are ethically sourced and are fair trade. I have some huge plans for Enchanted Gifts.

Here are some of the products that I’m so excited to be selling:

I’m so excited for my new business launch and this would not be happening if I wasn’t practicing my gratitude, my manifestations and having my wonderful supportive network that has my back. I think it’s very important to be selling products that you have an interest in and that have helped you along your journey and I have such passion for these products. I’ve a few of these myself so I’m happy to be sharing the love with you all. This has always been a dream of mine but always struggled with implementing but now I’ve set up the foundation, it’s only going to get better.

I would love for you all to take a look at my website and social media pages and if you have any questions or anything that you’re interested in, please do get in touch. 🎉 🎊

Enchanted Gifts is also on Facebook and Instagram – please see below:

Enchanted Gifts – Facebook

EnchantedGifts83 – Instagram

Enchanted Gifts – website

Have a blessed day and I appreciate your support ✨ ☀️ 🌈

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